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I think dance is the best way to cultivate the cooperation, enthusiasm, and unyielding dislike that we want children to acquire.

When children go on to school in the future and go out into society in the future, the ability to be useful is not only studying, but also the attitude of desperately working on one thing, and the emotions that can be obtained at that time. I believe that it will definitely help in the formation of humanity in the future.

Why not start dancing at GTS to unlock the power and potential you can't learn at school or at home!

At GTS, the choreography is sometimes cool and sometimes funny for songs of various genres according to the level of each class.

I will teach you the fun of dancing!

And by participating in the event, we aim to be a dance school where you can create one thing as a team and get the joy of expressing yourself.

GTS representative SAKI

Instructor introduction
SAKI (GTS representative)

Learned ballet from the age of three, studied under Matsuyama Ballet School (Principal) Ogo Shizuko, appeared in the stage performances of the Matsuyama Ballet Company, won many prizes in national dance competitions, and won the Minister of Education Award.

After that, he experienced choreography assistant, model, and entertainment activities in TV dramas, and stepped on the stage such as Chorus Line, Grease, Carmen, and Oz's Wizard.

スクリーンショット 2023-01-24 3.18.02.jpg
​Yuto Suzuki (ballet assistant, dance class, tap class)

He started learning tap dance and ballet from an early age and experienced entertainment activities, and appeared as tap kids in the musical "Annie" in 2013 and 2015.

He has also appeared in modeling activities and live performances, and will play the role of Danny in the 2019 musical GREASE.

Since 2015, he has been studying under Mr. SAKI.

Nao Sasaki (vocal class)

Debuted on stage with the musical "Annie" at the age of 11.

In addition to his activities as a player, he mainly works on songs and taps, such as tap choreography for "Bullet Train", which is breaking as a younger brother of Momokuro. Since 2017, he has been appearing as Thomas the Tank Engine in the family musical of Thomas the Tank Engine, which mobilizes more than 120,000 people nationwide.

​Nakagiri  Seiya (ballet assistant, dance assistant, tap class)

Entered a musical school from elementary school 1 and started ballet, jazz, and tapping. In 2015, he played the role of Annie's Tap Kids, and took this opportunity to start the stage in earnest. Played the role of Danny in the 2018 musical GREASE.

While receiving guidance from Professor SAKI, he also attends a musical university.

eriko (vocal class)

Growing up in a family that is always full of music,
Impressed by Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, etc., who freely manipulated and sang their voices, he was active as a studio musician regardless of genre, including songs such as pops, R & B, and gospel, and wrote and composed himself. Appeared in live performances, events at chapels, etc. ・ In 2007, became a voice trainer certified instructor at a certain voice training school.
He teaches a lot from singers and voice actors to the general public.
Currently, he is independent and is in charge of private lessons at home and vocal classes at cultural schools and dance schools.

~ Message ~
The voices are 10 people and 10 colors, and each person's individuality is full of charm.
Why don't you enjoy the joy and fun of expressing yourself freely by polishing your own voice to the maximum and adding singing voice to the melody, rhythm and lyrics?

Yurika Nagano (acting)

15 years of figure skating history.

14 years as a theme park actor.

While acting as an actor at a theme park, she appears on eight stages a year.

The video experience is the movie "Kamen Rider J" "Passion of Red and Black", TV "Hagure Detective" "Tales of the Unusual Story" "Saturday Wide Theater"


There are many stage experiences such as "Opera musical, the forest is alive", "Bunna, come from the tree", etc.

Received the Ikebukuro Theater Festival Excellence Award [leading role], Ikebukuro Theater Festival Excellence Award [heroine role], TONOGEKI Theater Festival Special Award [starring]



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